Intermediate Macroeconomics
2022 Fall


General Information

  • Course Number: ECON2403
  • Lectures: Tuesday (all weeks): 1-3 (Zhong Yuan 111), 11-13 (Shang Yuan 515)
  • Office Hour: Tuesday 14:00pm-16:30am or by appointment
  • Office: Antai #1706, Xuhui Campus
  • Phone: 021-52301191
  • My email: jhqian At

Econ 2403 is an intermediate-level course in macroeconomics. The major pillars of this course are classical theory (economy in the long run), neoclassical growth theory (economy in the very long run), business cycle theory (economy in the short run), and macroeconomic policies. Intuition, technical ability, and empirical knowledge and skills are equally emphasized.

Although not required, students are encouraged to learn the materials in a bilingual manner.


Principles of economics, calculus


  1. 导言, Introduction (Notes: macro01)
  2. 宏观数据, Macroeconomic data (Notes: macro02)
  3. 古典理论, Classical theory (Notes: macro03)
  4. 经济增长, Economic growth (Notes: macro04)
  5. (Solow1.xlsx)
  6. 经济波动, Economic fluctuation (Notes: macro05)
  7. (dynamic_adas.xlsx, simple_adas.xlsx)
  8. 平准政策, Stabilization policies (Notes: macro06)

Home Works

hw0 (math tools) hw1 hw2 hw3 hw4 hw5 hw6 hw7 (data: pwt10.xlsx) hw8 hw9 hw10



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Problem sets (30%), final exam (70%).


  • 宏观经济学(第九版),Gregory N. Mankiw,中国人民大学出版社。
  • Macroeconomics (9 ed.), Gregory N. Mankiw, Worth Publishers.
  • My lecture notes.