Intermediate Macroeconomics
2018 Spring

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General Information

  • Course Number: EC311
  • Lectures: Friday (all weeks) 8am-11:00am at XiaYuan 211
  • Office Hour: Monday 14:00-17:00pm or by appointment
  • Office: Antai #1706, Xuhui Campus
  • Phone: 021-52301191
  • TA: To be announced
  • My email: jhqian At

EC311 is an intermediate-level course in macroeconomics. The major pillars of this course are classical theory (economy in the long run), neoclassical growth theory (economy in the very long run), business cycle theory (economy in the short run), and macroeconomic policies. Intuition, technical ability, and empirical knowledge and skills are equally emphasized.

Although not required, students are encouraged to learn the materials in a bilingual manner.


Priciples of economics, calculus, statistics


  1. Introduction (Notes: Introduction)
  2. Macroeconomic data (Notes: Macroeconomic Data)
  3. Classical theory (Notes: Classical Theory)
  4. Macroeconomic fluctuations (Notes: Business Cycle)
  5. (dynamic_adas.xlsx, simple_adas.xlsx)
  6. Economic growth (Notes: Economic Growth)
  7. (Solow1.xlsx)

Home Works

hw0 hw1 hw2 hw3 hw4 hw5


Problem sets (20%), in-class quizzes (30%), final exam (50%).


  • 宏观经济学(第九版),Gregory N. Mankiw,中国人民大学出版社。
  • Macroeconomics (9 ed.), Gregory N. Mankiw, Worth Publishers.
  • My lecture notes.


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